Sherlock Holmes: Misteri Yang Tak Terpecahkan (A Slight Trick of the Mind)

Sherlock Holmes Misteri Yang Tak Terpecahkan A Slight Trick of the Mind Long after Sir Arthur Conan Doyle allowed him to retire to Sussex to take up beekeeping there seems to be no end of enthusiasm for imagined versions of the life of Sherlock Holmes There was Michael C

  • Title: Sherlock Holmes: Misteri Yang Tak Terpecahkan (A Slight Trick of the Mind)
  • Author: Mitch Cullin
  • ISBN: 9789791150002
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Paperback
  • Long after Sir Arthur Conan Doyle allowed him to retire to Sussex to take up beekeeping, there seems to be no end of enthusiasm for imagined versions of the life of Sherlock Holmes There was Michael Chabon s The Final Solution in which the old man, an 89 year old beekeeper in Sussex is undoubtedly Holmes Laurie King, a fine mystery writer, has appropriated Holmes and cLong after Sir Arthur Conan Doyle allowed him to retire to Sussex to take up beekeeping, there seems to be no end of enthusiasm for imagined versions of the life of Sherlock Holmes There was Michael Chabon s The Final Solution in which the old man, an 89 year old beekeeper in Sussex is undoubtedly Holmes Laurie King, a fine mystery writer, has appropriated Holmes and created a romance between him and young Mary Russell which has lasted through several enjoyable books And now, nonagenarian Holmes reappears, most appealingly, in Mitch Cullin s A Slight Trick of the Mind He is frail and forgetful but still observant and capable of shining the bright light of his insight and brilliance on events both past and present.Cullin has carefully woven three stories together and managed it so neatly that no threads show worthy of Holmes himself The first is the story of Holmes s recent return from a trip to Japan, ostensibly in search of prickly ash, a bush that he believes contributes to healthy longevity, as does his beloved and trusted royal jelly While there, he is met by his correspondent, Mr Umezaki, who isn t as interested in prickly ash as in gleaning information from Holmes about his long gone father Supposedly, they met many years before, in London, and Holmes advised him not to return home Of course, Holmes has no recollection of the meeting but finesses it nicely.It is 1947 when they visit Hiroshima, post atomic bomb, and Holmes marvels at what he sees He compares it, most poignantly, to the loss of the queen in a hive, when no resources were available to raise a new one Yet how could he explain the deeper illness of unexpressed desolation, that imprecise pall harbored en masse by ordinary Japanese That is what he tells Roger, the 14 year old son of his housekeeper Roger is the second thread of the novel Holmes is introducing him to beekeeping and Roger proves an apt student His hero worship of Holmes and his need for a father form an integral part of Cullin s intention of humanizing the great Sherlock Holmes.The final thread is revealed in a journal that Holmes kept, in which he entered an encounter with a married woman, many years ago He is infatuated with her, and hardly knows what to call it or what to make of his feelings This is unfamiliar territory for the man who is rational above all else The man we know at the end of the book makes the reader want another installment, showing a new Sherlock with a heart as well as a brain Review

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    Mitch Cullin is an American writer He is the author of seven novels, and one short story collection He currently resides in Arcadia, California and Tokyo, Japan with his partner and frequent collaborator Peter I Chang His books have been translated into over 10 languages.


  • I am truly at a loss as to how to describe this book. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle meets Akira Kurosawa is probably the best description. But even that really doesn't begin to touch it.In "A Slight Trick of the Mind", Sherlock Holmes is 93 and his memory is failing.The book doesn't so much have a plot as an obsession with death and bees.The narrative flits between Sherlock Holmes at home in Sussex, his recent trip to post- WWII Japan, and events of 1902 involving a married woman that he is mildly infa [...]

  • To start, this is not a mystery story. It is a character study of Holmes as a human not the figure/trope of Conan-Doyle. As an exploration into the inner monologue of an aging introspective celebrity, it's beautiful. I found it moving and incredibly sada slice of life, a peek behind the curtain.

  • Muchos son los autores que han recogido el testigo legado por Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, escribiendo aventuras sobre su eterno personaje como protagonista (unas con más acierto que otras, pero todas lejos del clásico). En 'Un sencillo truco mental', Mitch Cullin intenta ser más original y nos presenta a un Sherlock Holmes de 93 años, que lleva una vida tranquila en su hacienda de Sussex. Allí se dedica al cuidado de sus colmenas y a escribir, sobre las abejas, tratados de lógica y deducción, [...]

  • This book is set after WWII. Sherlock Holmes is in his 90s and suffering from Alzheimers and frailty. He lives with his maid, her young son, and his large collection of bees. When the story starts, he has just returned from his trip to Japan. There are three layers to this tale: 1) The present, in which Sherlock is back in England with his maid, her son, and the bees.2) The recent past, in which Sherlock and his Japanese companion wander around Japan in search of "prickly ash," some sort of plan [...]

  • I read this book for two reasons: I greatly enjoy Sherlock Holmes stories, and I heard that this story is going to be made into a movie starring Ian McKellen as Holmes. This story is mainly set 1947, in a cottage on the Southern slope of the Sussex Downs. There are two other stories also presented, that take place in the form of flashbacks - one set in post-WWII Japan, and one titled ‘The Glass Armonicist’, that took place when Holmes was still in his prime. Aside from ‘The Glass Armonicis [...]

  • My first impression, upon finishing "A Slight Trick of the Mind," was "good heavens, that was terrible." I came to review the novel, fully prepared to give it a sound thrashing and a measly one star rating. While drafting my review, however, I realized that I made a mistake that colored my reading. I assumed that this Sherlock Holmes would be familiar to me. I've read all the stories, seen all the film and television adaptations. But this version of Holmes is not the detective I know - a brillia [...]

  • Unless it's about James Bond, my husband and I rarely go to a movie. But when I learned of the recently released Mr. Holmes starring wonderful actor Ian McKellen, I put it on my must-see list immediately. Not long afterward, I discovered this book, which is the basis for the movie - and in my rarely broken rule of book before movie, I got my hands on a copy. Now that I've finished with it, I'm doubly determined to see the movie and Mr. McKellen's performance - what a plum role this must be! Thou [...]

  • A Slight Trick of the Mind is a slow, delicate story that offers a plausible glimpse into the twilight years of one of fiction's greatest detectives. This book is neither a fast mover nor filled with unceasing action. With that said, this story has many interesting elements.There are actually three stories going on here: a present story, a memory, and a written account of a past investigation. All three stories are intertwined and bittersweet. The unassuming homage to a famous work of fiction by [...]

  • I've had this sitting on the shelf since its release in 2005, but decided I'd best read it before the film opens. It's a beautifully written, ultimately sad and reflective piece of work that attempts to breathe a certain degree of depth into the character of a rather elderly Sherlock Holmes dealing with age and memory loss. It's certainly a very 'original' take on Holmes, fairly engaging, which is down to the lovely writing style more than the story, but on completion I found myself wondering ab [...]

  • I just knew I would like this book and would have to read it before I saw the movie. It was a bit deeper than I expected but that was a pleasant gift. I love it when a book makes a connection with me and makes me think. Mich Cullin's take on Sherlock has done that.Have you ever met someone or gotten to know them and wish that you had known them in their early lifeThey are so interesting and inspiring! Well, we all knew Sherlock Holmes when he was a young man. He has been created into many differ [...]

  • En ésta historia podemos apreciar a un Sherlock Holmes diferente, éste ya no es un detective consultor cazando aventuras junto a su leal compañero el Doctor Watson. Éste es un Sherlock muy diferente. Es un Sherlock bastante anciano, retirado y dedicado a la apicultura. Lejos del 221 B de Baker Street, Sherlock pasa sus días cuidando de sus abejas con la ayuda ocasional de Roger, el hijo de su ama de llaves. Y también revisando su pila interminable de correo, mayormente de admiradores de su [...]

  • I wanted to like this book but it was difficult to force myself through it. Like so many others, I truly love Sherlock Holmes and have for almost my entire life. The current show with Cumberbatch has been so enjoyable because it's respectful & of great quality. This book, on the other hand, portrays him as practically a non-human who can't exist out of his hive. That's just too much for me to accept.

  • What do I want to say about this book?Well, a number of different things, really. I have a lot to say, yet my mind won't wrap around how exactly to say them, how to express the minutiae details that impacted and drove the plot in subtle ways.There are four different plots in this. First, the relationship between an old man and a young boy. Second, a remembrance of a trip to Japan and of the man who took him around. Third, a case he had taken years ago that made a lasting impact on him. And, four [...]

  • In outline it sounds almost like a joke, or something deliberately bizarre: a ninety-three-year-old Sherlock Holmes travels to Japan. Instead, this is a very sad, wistful novel that examines at many angles and with emotional complexity the loneliness and alienation of Holmes' life and the guards he has constructed to keep himself from being consumed by them. Mitch Cullin's prose is excellent and the novel is quietly structured quite exquisitely, with three storyline unraveling very comfortably n [...]

  • A great premise, poorly written and executed. The transitions between the three cases were clunky, and the cases themselves were uninteresting. The movie Mr. Holmes is much better.

  • I tracked this down when I read that Bill Condon (Gods and Monsters) was going to film it with Sir Ian McKellen in the lead role. There are startling similarities between the two projects: Again, we have a curmudgeonly old man in his dotage, presided over by an irascible housekeeper, with a pretty blue-eyed teenage boy flitting about.This is one of the more intriguing aspects of Mitch Cullin’s book, as he paints a very delicate picture of the affection (love?) that Sherlock Holmes has for Roge [...]

  • 3.5 starsThe idea intrigued me - a fictional character returned to in old age. We've had Young Sherlock Holmes, a Disney mouse version, a modern BBC-adaptation Sherlock, and now we see the great man as a failing old man.Saying that, he's still got it But just not all of the time. This tells several stories at once (which didn't work brilliantly well for me on audiobook, though I loved the narrator), of the required 'how did they do that?' case, his home life as an old man and a little mystery th [...]

  • Para los que amamos al personaje de Holmes hace muchos años, este libro puede ser un poco duro.Imaginarnos a Holmes decrépito, con sus facultades mentales disminuidas, sentándose a llorar a la señora Hudson, a Mycroft y a John que han muerto años antes (y además, que John y Sherlock estuvieron distanciados en su vejez) no es para nada lo que queremos.Un fan de Holmes se lo imagina siempre activo, con la mente despierta, un poco distante; la idea de que no sea eterno nos es desagradable; lo [...]

  • This is, in a way, a homage to the Sherlock Holmes books the way Tilting at Windmills was an homage to Don Quixote. But this one goes further beyond the character's original portrayal while still remaining recognizably the same one. Holmes is, in 1947, 92 years old, caring for his bees, as he is cared for by his housekeeper & admired by her son, who has, almost against Holmes's will, become something of a beekeeping apprentice for whom Holmes has come to care deeply. Holmes has also recently [...]

  • This book is well-written and will undoubtedly appeal to some people. It hasn't anything to do with Sherlock Holmes, though, so don't let that 'trick' you into reading it. There is no mystery, no actual plot and even if towards the end the ideas which the author wants to convey fall into some sort of place, still - any character could have been at the centre of this book - like, an original character, maybe? Holmes is used out of his element in this book, which is of course to his disadvantage, [...]

  • 2 1/3 zvezdice i pitanje, zasto sam, zaboga procitala ovu knjigu? Istina je da sam ocekivala daleko vise od nje, misteriju, koja je izostala, napetost koja je izostala i Serloka Holmsa mentalno ocuvanijeg nego sto je u knjizi opisan. Sve pohvale piscu za stil pisanja.

  • Mr. Holmes is aging, but he does it in his own words, not those of Watson's. This is actually three mysteries rolled into one novel: a past, recent past and present conundrum.

  • How many roads most a man walk downBefore you call him a man ?How many seas must a white dove sailBefore she sleeps in the sand ?Yes, how many times must the cannon balls flyBefore they're forever banned ?The answer my friend is blowin' in the windThe answer is blowin' in the wind.Yes, how many years can a mountain existBefore it's washed to the sea ?Yes, how many years can some people existBefore they're allowed to be free ?Yes, how many times can a man turn his headPretending he just doesn't s [...]

  • 90'lı yaşlarını süren, unutkanlığı başlamış bir Sherlock Holmes, arıları ve içiçe kurgulanmış üç öykü; keyifli bir okumaydı

  • Mitch Cullins has produced a gorgeously-written character study of a 93-year-old Sherlock Holmes who is aware of having outlived his contextual moment in time (as well as both his biographer and brother), losing his mental as well as physical abilities, and coming to the end of his days with unanswered questions about the opportunities he missed during his life and the larger meaning of existence itself. It fits very neatly into and extrapolates from the last of Arthur Conan Doyle's canonical Ho [...]

  • Come riassumere le impressioni che ho avuto da questo libro? Incuriosita naturalmente dal film da cui è stato tratto, e avendolo ricevuto come regalo, ho iniziato a seguire la narrazione, molto simile a quella cinematografica. Quello che però traspariva dall'uno, cioè la perdita della memoria e così la perdita di se stessi, la mancanza degli affetti perduti, il riallacciarsi a quelli odierni, la speranza verso ciò che verrà, sia esso vicino, lontano, inevitabile o meno, qui sono trattati i [...]

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