Dead Works

Dead Works A graduate psychology student must help a young client make sense of terrifying visions while acts of brutal evil threaten to destroy them both Doctoral student Eric Hansen is in the second year of h

  • Title: Dead Works
  • Author: Anthony Hains
  • ISBN: 9781629291468
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback
  • A graduate psychology student must help a young client make sense of terrifying visions while acts of brutal evil threaten to destroy them both Doctoral student, Eric Hansen is in the second year of his counseling psychology program His first therapy client is thirteen year old, Greg who sees apparitions of children roaming outside his bedroom window While Greg s fatherA graduate psychology student must help a young client make sense of terrifying visions while acts of brutal evil threaten to destroy them both Doctoral student, Eric Hansen is in the second year of his counseling psychology program His first therapy client is thirteen year old, Greg who sees apparitions of children roaming outside his bedroom window While Greg s father leans towards a paranormal explanation, his mother fears mental illness and brings him to the university clinic Eric s efforts to help the boy stir up memories of his own traumatic past and both are drawn into a whirlpool of horror well beyond the reach of modern psychology.

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    Anthony Hains was born and raised in Port Chester, New York He received his undergraduate and graduate degrees in psychology from the University of Notre Dame He is currently a professor of counseling psychology with a specialization in pediatric psychology His research focuses on the understanding and treatment of adolescents with chronic illness.He is married with one daughter and lives in Wisconsin.


  • 3.5 stars!Currently there is a giveaway going on at Horror After Dark for this book!3 signed copies of Dead Works are up for grabs! Click below to enter:horrorafterdark/2014/0Dead Works was a short novel of supernatural and and psychological horror. Eric is a graduate psychology student jumping through the various hoops that such a doctor must, before becoming officially licensed. As such, he has his own clients to see, but he is required to periodically bring some of his cases before a group of [...]

  • Do You Believe in Ghosts?Eric is a graduate student psychologist counseling a 13-year old boy, Greg, who is experiencing visions of dead children—and so is another student, Will, having visions. The mix here of psychology and paranormal events is fascinating as Hains weaves an exciting and mysterious tale. Readers of the supernatural will be moved and worried and find Hains storytelling a compelling lure. Suspense is high and, yes, I kept turning the pages. The psychological examinations (many [...]

  • Review copy provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewAnthony Hains' new novella, Dead Works, is a pretty entertaining story that blends psychological thriller with the supernatural for a book that is hard to put down. Eric Hansen is a doctoral student in his college's psychology program and is currently seeing patients as part of his practicum class. Eric is used to dealing with fairly normal concerns for his clients on campus - dating, roommate problems and anxiety - but his world is [...]

  • This novel is an utter triumph, it's a paranormal masterpiece. A psychological playground.This well informed fiction takes us on an intellectually stimulating, and disturbing journey.It is equally haunting, as it is smart.Hats off to the writer for the great execution of what seems to be a great deal of research.The story starts with Eric, who is studying psychology, whilst working with two younger men and trying to diagnose their mental illnesses. Anthony creates a profound bond between Eric an [...]

  • Dead Works deserves five stars for different reasons. Firstly, the story is engaging and evolves at a good pace. It combines elements of psychological thriller and ghost story, making the reader doubt whether the events are real ghost experiences or tricks of the human mind.The narrative technique is brilliant as the story unfolds through different voices, dialogues and points of view, like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that fit perfectly together at the end. This technique gives colour and texture [...]

  • I was given a free copy of this work in exchange for an honest review. I enjoyed it quite a bit. The author's background in psychology is clear, and sometimes I felt like it went a little overboard focusing on therapy and techniques, but that's a subject that has always fascinated me, so it wasn't an issue for me. The pacing was good, and the characters were reasonably well fleshed out. There were a few more editorial issues than I usually see, but they were all minor stuff, and didn't detract t [...]

  • A wonderful paranormal/psychological thriller! Eric seems to be the only student in his class who gets the pleasure of treating the 'haunted' psychology patients, while working towards his psychology PhD. Troubled by his own haunted past, he tries to find logical explanations for the experiences of 2 teenagers, but when he realizes that there's a connection between not only them, but with himself, it gets real and very frightening. I had a hard time following the beginning of the book, but the m [...]

  • I received a PDF version of Dead Works from the author in exchange for an honest review.Dead Works was pretty good and managed to exceed my expectations. However, I can't help but feel like the story left me feeling dissatisfied, like the story lacked some kind of 'oomth'. The characters seemed to flat and could have used more dimension to them. The writting style for the most part was captivating and entertaining but could use more description to give the story more grip and feeling. All in all [...]

  • Anthony Hains is an excellent writer and Dead Works has a very interesting paranormal/mystery plot, both of which I liked. However, the reason I couldn't give it more than 3 stars is because the 'star' description is pretty accurate in this case. I liked it. It was entertaining and well written enough that I read it straight through but it lacked that certain 'wow' factor that makes you tell all of your friends 'omg you HAVE to read this book'. But if you are simply looking for an enjoyable shor [...]

  • Interesting, creepy, and creative. The writing style was fun and easy to follow, and the characters had life in them but I felt the story moved too fast and could have been longer. Hopefully there's plans for a sequel or even a prequel to this book.

  • Overall, while I enjoyed this I feel as if, in the end, there was a great deal of the story left out and so it was not truly complete. The back and forth over psychological and supernatural elements did give it a more grounded angle.

  • Good readI enjoyed this book. Paranormal, supernatural, zombies, whatever is weird I want to read about it. This was a good ghost story. The characters were well defined & the storyline fell into place . It was interesting how the author actually took one ghost and played it out with three different guys .Eric is a psychology student, Greg is a young patient receiving treatment because he sees ghosts. Will/Aaron can only be described by reading the book. There is more at play here than just [...]

  • First, I have to say that I don’t normally read books that are “”horror” or “Ghost stories” (I’m more of a romance/fantasy type of gal…) but I was looking for something a little out of my comfort zone and this book sounded intriguing. Well, I am most certainly glad I took the chance on “Dead Works” by Anthony Hains! This was a brilliant novel and very sad, weird, dark, and amazing! The pacing was great, and I liked how well the characters were developed. Eric and Greg have a [...]

  • 4.5 starsWarning – don’t read this late at night by yourself unless you like the idea of being crazy spooked! Ha! This was a creepy, intense, and fascinating book for me, and one that will definitely appeal to fans of horror and ghost and psychological thriller novels. Mr. Hains has not only a skill for story writing, but for story telling (this are not necessarily the same at all…) The story itself is on the shorter side, but there is a lot of plot in it and you definitely get a lot of ba [...]

  • "Dead Works” by author Anthony Hains is terrific! Once I started reading I didn’t want to stop until I’d finished the whole thing. It pulls you in from the beginning, and I enjoyed the author’s “voice” and his way of writing the scenes. The interweaving plotlines were complex and intelligent, but not so much that they were convoluted or ever felt contrived. Loved the paranormal/psychic/psychological element, how we were wondering what was really going on… The characters were all au [...]

  • Wow, “Dead Works” By Anthony Hains was awesome! Creepy… unsettling… unnerving… I love it! Keeps you on your toes and I really thought it did a great job of showing just how complex and powerful our minds can be, and how differently people can interpret situations and process them. I haven’t read anything like that in a long time, if ever. For once it seemed like the characters were anything but the stock, ordinary typical hero/protag guys, but instead all had demons, motivations, sec [...]

  • I really loved this book-- I thought it was excellently written with strong, descriptive word choices that sucks us right in and we can picture everything perfectly (I almost felt like I was watching a movie…) This is a different type of novel than I normally read, and while certain elements felt vaguely familiar (almost like “6th Sense” of “The Others”), it really wasn’t like them at all, and the author definitely brought fresh and unexpected ideas to the table and made the story un [...]

  • "Dead Works” by Anthony Hains is hands down of the most original, well-crafted, and creepiest novels I’ve read in a long time! I was completely drawn in from the get-go, and absolutely loved Mr. Hains’s style of writing and it was so interesting to read and learn of the different psychological afflictions. Loved that it kept me guessing, and there are unexpected twists that keep you hooked. Great characters and excellently edited! (I notice these things!) A satisfying ending and well worth [...]

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