The Scorpion's Sweet Venom: The Diary of a Brazilian Call Girl

The Scorpion s Sweet Venom The Diary of a Brazilian Call Girl If I m going to be a prostitute I refuse to be an ordinary one Known to her clients as Bruna the Surfer Girl Surfistinha is the beautiful year old Brazilian run away from a middle class family wh

  • Title: The Scorpion's Sweet Venom: The Diary of a Brazilian Call Girl
  • Author: Bruna Surfistinha Alison Entrekin Jorge Tarquini
  • ISBN: 9781596912755
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Hardcover
  • If I m going to be a prostitute, I refuse to be an ordinary one Known to her clients as Bruna the Surfer Girl, Surfistinha is the beautiful 17 year old Brazilian run away from a middle class family who detailed online her three years working as a prostitute in a posh Brazilian suburb Her candid and explicit entries on life as a high class call girl caught the attenti If I m going to be a prostitute, I refuse to be an ordinary one Known to her clients as Bruna the Surfer Girl, Surfistinha is the beautiful 17 year old Brazilian run away from a middle class family who detailed online her three years working as a prostitute in a posh Brazilian suburb Her candid and explicit entries on life as a high class call girl caught the attention of millions and set off a vigorous national debate about sexual identity, values, and practices As a result, Bruna became an immediate celebrity, the Paris Hilton of Brazil Here, in The Scorpion s Sweet Venom, she draws back the sheets to reveal the whole story Bruna writes passionately about her estranged family, her out of control drug use, her unbridled sexuality, and her unusual adventures in the world s oldest profession I have seen and done everything, she confesses There is nothing left that scares me Part memoir, part cautionary tale, part sex guide, Bruna brings to life the raw, desperate and dangerous underbelly of the Brazilian sex trade, and shares outrageous advice for the bedroom, like what men really want but are too afraid to ask Provocative, seductive and unforgettable, The Scorpion s Sweet Venom is the vivid account of a young girl s life on the street, and a fearless expression of human sexuality.

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    • Best Download [Bruna Surfistinha Alison Entrekin Jorge Tarquini] Ý The Scorpion's Sweet Venom: The Diary of a Brazilian Call Girl || [Memoir Book] PDF ☆
      317 Bruna Surfistinha Alison Entrekin Jorge Tarquini
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    About " Bruna Surfistinha Alison Entrekin Jorge Tarquini "

  • Bruna Surfistinha Alison Entrekin Jorge Tarquini

    Bruna Surfistinha Portuguese for Little Surfer Bruna is the pen name of Raquel Pacheco, a Brazilian former sex worker who attracted the attention of Brazilian media and television by publishing, in a blog, her sexual experiences with clients Bruna explained in television programs that she was a normal girl, who had been adopted by a high middle class family but that at around the age of 17 she left her home and her family because of the traditional family oriented views of her father and to start to live by her own.Bruna appeared in various television programs in Brazil and several periodicals and magazines Her blog attracted than 50,000 readers per day She appeared in some pornographic films in Brazil.In 2005, she released a book entitled O Doce Veneno do Escorpi o The Scorpion s Sweet Venom In just over a month it sold over 30,000 copies in its third edition The book was translated into English and published by Bloomsbury Publishing in 2006 This book also inspired the 2011 Brazilian film Confessions of a Brazilian Call Girl, starring Deborah Secco in the main role In 2011, she also appeared in a Brazilian reality show called A Fazenda finishing as the second runner up.


  • I've decided to make an english review of this one just in case non-brazilian people decide to read this thing. I got this one as a birthday gift from my friends who absolutly adore me. For the record, they won the sequel of this one (O Que Aprendi Com Bruna Surfistinha) in their birthdays.This book is a well-made s*** from beginning till the last word written. It won't add up anything to your existence. It got its fame because brazilians are naughty by nature. This girl is a big prostitute for [...]

  • El problema con los bestsellers, las portadas atractivas y los títulos enganchantes es que uno nunca sabe en qué se está metiendo sino hasta que sale. El dulce veneno del Escorpion diario íntimo de una prostituta, tiene todo lo anterior. El libro carece en su totalidad de valor “literario” pero leerlo fue una experiencia agradable. Está escrito por una chica casi niña con sus problemas inherentes que logran conectar con uno y a la vez escrito por una prostituta en ciernes que crea una [...]

  • A sad tale really. You read this hoping to hear some sort of complex tale of redemption and love but it feels very empty. Bruna is very childlike in her thought process on things, even as a writer in the her late 20s (rather than the late teen she was when she was a call girl.). This book is a quick read but very vapid. Nothing to see here folks.

  • A história dela é bastante interessante, realmente digna de um livro. Por todas dificuldades e dramas, ela se mostra bastante disposta a se moldar e se manter forte. O exemplo de uma sobrevivente do mundo e de si mesma, uma criança que de tão protegida, virou adulta por rebeldia sem nem saber o que isso significa.Infelizmente, a escrita do livro deixa bastante a desejar, por isso perde tantas estrelas, mas as memórias publicadas são ótimas.

  • Mehat's what I have to say about this book. It was okay, considering that I'm sure much was lost in translation. There were some shocking parts that I won't mention herery shocking least for me! But all in all it was not well written. Her escapades are written matter-of-factly and at times it felt like Sex and the City, but without the humor.

  • Bem É ler para matar a curiosidade. Matar a curiosidade. E fechar o livro. Assim, sim, legal.Mas, pra quem quer literatura, ou mesmo literatura erótica de verdade, procure novamente, existem grandes autores.

  • I read the original Portuguese writing book and I thought It was a very easy reading . The story is TRUE and it's definitely a drama that is still going on. I think young adults should read it so they know what can happen if they don't follow the right path

  • Although it wasn't anything great it exceeded my expectations. I think my main issue with this book was that it was poorly written - or at least poorly translated. 2.5 Stars.

  • O Doce Veneno do Escorpião - Bruna SurfistinhaTítulo original: O Doce Veneno do Escorpião: O Diário de uma Garota de ProgramaAutor: Bruna SurfistinhaEditora: Panda BooksAno: 2005Antes de qualquer coisa tenho que fazer algumas umas considerações: tentei ler sem julgar em momento algum, tentei deixar a hipocrisia de lado e sabendo de ante mão que se tratava de uma biografia de uma ex-garota de programa. Ufa!!!É muito difícil não julgar e é ainda mais complicado não ser hipócrita, pois [...]

  • Se vende esta obra como la autobiografía de una prostituta, un temática bastante atractiva en el mercado editorial actual. La narración en primera persona sigue la vida de la autora desde su infancia, hasta las relaciones laborales que establece con sus clientes. Se detiene en detallar varias prácticas sexuales y fantasía poco comunes, con el fin de ensalzar el morbo de los lectores. De poco valor literario, confieso que lo leí muy rápido, por esa trepidante sensación que produce el morb [...]

  • Como avaliar 3 anos da vida de uma pessoa? Foi muito interessante ler a historia da Raquel mas a sua escrita realmente deixa muito a desejar e nem estou a falar no facto dela falar sem pudor com as palavras no seu lugar. Eu daria mais 3 estrelas e meia.

  • Exciting, original, and some might say. . . educational ;) All jokes aside, this was an enlightening look into the world of call girls. Written simplistically, it flows well and has a narrative to it. An eye-opening read.

  • Memoir written exclusively for the shock factor. By the end I was skimming sex scenes because I was totally bored with it all. A sad tale, really.

  • Pra começar, não tinha muita ideia do que esperar quando comecei a ler o livro. Claro que sendo uma garota de programa, evidentemente que iriam ter relatos sobre os programas. Acredito que eu esperava também um lado mais profundo da autora, com descrições sobre pontos-chaves da vida: como iniciou nas drogas, como decidiu sair; de que forma acreditou que encontrou o amor da sua vida; o que pensa profundamente sobre o relacionamento com os pais e a vida; algumas filosofias (?), etc, etc.O liv [...]

  • A little known erotic tale that rivals stuff like the Black Lace or Fifty shades.This is actually part novel part bio as the story is written in the style of a diary of a "working girl."Chafing to get out from her parents rules Raquel or (Bruna as she calls herself in her new profession) leaves home one day on the premise of going to school and just never goes home. She is determined to make it in prostitution and be free to live her own life.Written from her own point of view you get to see the [...]

  • I am not going to go on and on about things like how depressing it is that such low quality rubbish could ever make it to public viewing and how disappointed I am in media and who they choose to celebrate. Instead, for now, until my complete review comes, I am only going to say that I proud that Miss Pacheco has gone through a difficult journey and survived. I'm glad she had set goals for herself and is apparently on a fast track to achieving them. She is brave and exploratory and hopefully focu [...]

  • "Tinha consciência do sucesso de vendas alcançado por Bruna Surfistinha no Brasil. Não sabia, contudo, o teor do livro, tendo deduzido – por conta do “Surfistinha” – que se trataria de literatura virada para o público adolescente. Foi com essa ideia que peguei no livro e o comecei a ler sem olhar sequer a sinopse. Naturalmente, não levei muito a compreender o meu engano, atendendo a que a narração abre com a descrição de um dia normal para Bruna – muito sexo. Ajustei as minhas [...]

  • In theory I would be all about a memoir by a "chubby" teenage Brazilian prostitute turned blogger. In practice, the writing here just wasn't that good. I mean sure, certain passages gave me wood, but how sad would this book be if they hadn't?The best bits might have been the advice for males and females on giving oral, and further advice on sodomy. But let's face it kids, this is all "have to be there/practice over theory/either you get it or you don't" territory, and no amount of half baked the [...]

  • This book made me laugh most of the time. She runs away from home and decides, seeing as she likes sex so much, to make her money this way at the age of 16. She is a Brazilian call girl that starts a blog that drives the world mad wondering if she is real of fictional. She rates her clients and talks about their strange sexual habits. She finishes the book with telling us how to give the perfect blowjob, and telling the guys how to do the same. No position is missed out here! And you will learn [...]

  • My first introduction to the genre and although a quick an easy read I found it a bit lack luster. I appreciate the honesty and straight forward conversational style of the author but I guess it's just not my style of writing.

  • A very quick and easy, enjoyable, read about the life of a Brazilian call girl it provides some insight into the daily life of a prostitute (high end)and also the personal tragedy of the author's life but only skims the surface.

  • La idea de este libro es buena al inicio, contar la vida de una call-girl (o dama de compañía) en Brasil. Conforme va avanzando el libro, se hace tedioso por que pareciera que todos los capítulos se parecen.

  • A very short and simple read adapted from the blog of a young Brazilian prostitute. Does exactly what it says on the tin. It's a very quick read, without too much introspection or worldly insight. Still worth a read for something short and distracting.

  • Esta historia nos abre un mundo que si bien a sido explorado antes aparece siempre tentador de explorar de nuevo

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