Sleep Toward Heaven

Sleep Toward Heaven Amanda Eyre Ward s debut novel is an intimate portrait of three women whose lives collide during a brutal Texas summer In Gatestown Texas twenty nine year old Karen Lowens awaits her execution with

  • Title: Sleep Toward Heaven
  • Author: Amanda Eyre Ward
  • ISBN: 9780060582296
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Paperback
  • Amanda Eyre Ward s debut novel is an intimate portrait of three women whose lives collide during a brutal Texas summer.In Gatestown, Texas, twenty nine year old Karen Lowens awaits her execution with a host of convicted serial killers on death row In Manhattan, Dr Franny Wren, also twenty nine, tends to a young cancer patient, and resists the urge to run from her fianc Amanda Eyre Ward s debut novel is an intimate portrait of three women whose lives collide during a brutal Texas summer.In Gatestown, Texas, twenty nine year old Karen Lowens awaits her execution with a host of convicted serial killers on death row In Manhattan, Dr Franny Wren, also twenty nine, tends to a young cancer patient, and resists the urge to run from her fianc and her carefully crafted life In Austin, Texas, brassy Celia Mills, a once vibrant librarian, mourns her murdered husband.Over the course of the summer, fate pushes these eerily recognizable women together, culminating in a revelation of the possibility of faith, the responsibility of friendship, and the value of life Sleep Toward Heaven is a luminous story of murder and desire, solitude and grace a rare literary page turner where redemption seems perpetually within arm s reach.

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    Amanda Eyre Ward was born in New York City in 1972 Her new novel, THE NEARNESS OF YOU, will be published on Valentine s Day, 2017 She lives in Austin, TX with her family.


  • 3.5 This is the story of three women: a prisoner sentenced to death, a doctor, and a librarian. At first we don't get if there is any connection, but then we find out that,in factores, there is a bond between them.It's a very moving book, because it deals with subjects such as murder, rape, death penalty, etc, so it's hard to read because you sympathize with the women at Death Row, you end up feeling sorry for them, but it makes you think,they DID commited awful crimes, they messed up their live [...]

  • This is an amazing book. After having read and enjoyed Ward’s How to Be Lost, I went looking for her first novel, Sleep Towards Heaven. I am glad that I did. Sleep Towards Heaven takes place in Texas and examines the morality and far-reaching implications of the death penalty in a moving, yet relatively unbiased, manner.The story is told from the perspective of three women: Celia, the librarian whose husband was murdered; Karen, a serial killer on death row; and Franny, a doctor whose life bec [...]

  • No bells and whistles here - just some fine storytelling about three seemingly unconnected women - a doctor, a widow, and a death row inmate. Ward's story is involving and unforgettable.

  • 3.5***Three very different women are connected by an impending execution at the Huntsville Prison in Texas. Karen – “the Highway Honey” – is on death row for the series of murders she committed in an effort to keep her young lover supplied with heroin. Celia is a lost and emotionally drained librarian and widow, whose husband was murdered. Franny left the small Texas town years ago for boarding school, making her life in New York as a doctor. Reeling from the recent death of one of her p [...]

  • A very postmodern book, if only in its undertones. This was a surprisingly quick read which I devoured in a single afternoon. An engrossing storyline, a triangle between three women: a prisoner on Death Row, a doctor, and a librarian. At first they seem to be randomly thrown together but their connection is revealed soon enough. You won't be able to put it down after that.As a native Texan, I enjoyed the well-reasearched bits about Huntsville, the prisons, and the death sentence. Texas executes [...]

  • Wow. What an absolutely amazing book. I didn't really know what to expect from this book. I got it for Christmas many years ago and never went back to it. Now I am saddened that it took me so long to read this wonderful story.The three main characters – Karen, Celia, and Franny – were so vivid and relatable. I absolutely loved them. Even the secondary characters had a special place in my heart. Once I picked up this book, I was unable to put it down. Left me crying one moment and then laughi [...]

  • Beautifully written novel about the lives of three women - Karen, on death row for murdering several men, Celia, a widow whose husband was killed by Karen and Franny, a doctor trying to make Karen's last days more humane. It is a story of forgiveness, what it means to forgive others and how to forgive yourself. My favorite line (page 44): "When do you stop trusting your instinct to run? Franny wondered. When do you accept that you will never feel at home no matter where you go? When do you just [...]

  • The only reason for two stars for this book is that it really gave my book club a lot to discuss; however, it was the topic of the book (not the book itself) that led to all the discussion. I personally felt the book was a little weak. I didn't like the character of Franny at all; difficult to believe she was a doctor - she was so wishy washy and tremulous all the time. No matter how hard the author tried to make the reader feel sorry for the girls on death row, I just can't waste my sorrow and [...]

  • Ward's writing style wasn't all that impressive in prose, but it was so simple and I found it very easy to relate to what she wrote about. She didn't use huge words or bury the meaning in pretentious sentences. She just told it like it was.The plot was very clever parts of it were predictable, but not in a bad way. I really liked getting to know the three different characters, and now that I'm trying my own hand at writing a book, I appreciate more an author's ability to fully develop the charac [...]

  • Originally I stayed away from this author becuase I thought she was another Anita Shreve or Carol Goodman. But I actually couldn't put this book down. It's Ward's first novel, and it has that first-novel cautiously lovely language mixed with first-novel sort of cliche but why the hell not? language. There's a subtle kind of danger in the prose. And the women are not just tough because they choose to have a lot of casual sex and decide not to have children.

  • Powerful, thought provoking, well written. One of the best in a while. The characters were well defined with physical and emotional detail, the predicament of being on death row was one of those things we rarely think about and yet drawing the reader in. It reminded me of seeing a horrible accident where your pulse races and you know there is blood, you don't want to look but you want to know "what happened? are they dead?"I had not read this author before and I must say that I am not a big fan [...]

  • My review at , from way back:I've just completed the incredibly moving Sleep Toward Heaven . What a beautiful book it is. This will be on my year's best list. The author has rendered society's most loathsome people in a way that is sympathetic without sentimentality. The characters and their crimes are believable and comprehensible even as the crimes themselves are repugnant. This is a novel full of insight and compassion, wrapped in a story that is compelling and suspenseful. A great read with [...]

  • Engaging, riveting and hard to put down. I loved this book - character development was basically flawless and the way the storyline eventually brought everyone together was believable and very interesting.

  • I read Sleep Toward Heaven in 2003 and loved it so much I kept the book. 9 years later, I read it again and loved it even more. I will put it back on my bookshelf because I know I will want to visit these characters again.

  • This book was a page turner with an unusual plot, and interesting format, and unpredictable ending! The author has my vote for being an easy read and I certainly will look for my books by Amanda Ward.

  • This book is one to make you think after reading it. I chose the book because a friend of my brother's wrote it and it sounded interesting. However, until half way through it, I was not particularly impressed. I had trouble keeping up with the characters, who are all very damaged. Each chapter is about one of them and titled with the character's name, but the story is not first person. However, what changed my opinion is the last quarter of the book, when all the strings of the character's stori [...]

  • This was a good book - though I did enjoy How To Be Lost a lot more. The characters in this novel were quite strong, and there was definitely a high emotional appeal, but the plot was very predictable. The biggest (and most shocking) drawback to the whole novel was Karen. Her entire crime wave as well as personal life was completely lifted from Aileen Wuornos's life. Ward hardly put any spin on that true story at all (other than change Karen's race) to make her story unique. I wouldn't have been [...]

  • I couldn't put it down. The writing is spare and powerful, beautiful, never a word too many or wrongly put. We follow 5 fictional women on death row in Texas, their crimes terrible. We also follow a doctor who works in the prison, and the wife of a victim. We explore hope and hopelessness, hatred and forgiveness, life and death. I don't think everything can or should be forgiven, but I recognize the redemptive power of forgiveness and it is brought out perfectly in this book. The woman on death [...]

  • This captivating, witty but ultimately sad book was one that I read very quickly. It was definitely one that was hard to put down. Celia, a librarian, is struggling to come to terms with the death of her husband years ago. Franny, a doctor, is unhappy in her long-term relationship. Karen is on death row. The book follows the same period of a few months in each of their lives in an interesting narrative style that changes tense and reader-perspective according to the character.Sleep Toward Heaven [...]

  • The first of Amanda Eyre Ward's novels that I read was actually her most recently published--Same Sky. In less than ten pages, I was absorbed into the story and awash in her words. My gosh, how I wish I'd been able to write the way this amazing author does! Since I'd read her latest novel first, I chose to read her very first novel next, this one--Sleep Toward Heaven. Turning that last page was for me, as it was previously, a bittersweet experience, a mixture of regret and satisfaction coupled w [...]

  • For the last two days I've been living with women on Death Row. It's very loud. The TV is blaring almost constantly. The doors slam open and slam closed. People yell and scream and bang on their cell bars with their trays, anything that will clang. We are never alone. When we think we might be alone we are being watched on screen, remotely. We are strip-searched every 2 or 3 days. Except for a few guards and the doctor, we are considered dead meat. Pre-dead meat.This bitch killed my husband. Tho [...]

  • I reread this about once a year. There's just so much beautiful stuff here. Three beautifully delineated women, all dealing with loss, change, and discovery, on the way to genuine redemption. I am always moved, especially by the character of the woman on death row, whose loneliness, loss, and yearning for wholeness are incredibly poignant, especially when played against the stories of the two women whose lives touch hers.

  • Had never read this author before. Will now look for her other books This was her debut novel written in 2004. Interesting read where three women's lives intersect during a hot Texas summer. One is a librarian(and victim),one is a doctor and the other is woman on death row. It was a page turner and hard to put down.

  • This was a very thought provoking book about a murder and how it affects the one murdering, the one whose husband was murdered and the one who comes to care for the murderer as she's dying of AIDS on death row.The twist at the end, as the one whose husband is murdered, has compassion on the murderer, is remarkable. Very haunting.

  • Could have been very easily a much longer bookIt wasn't until the end of the book that I felt some sort of human connection with the characters and story line even though, my hometown of Uvalde, Tx made a Cameo

  • I can suspend my disbelief much more for stories or characters I like than I can for others. I didn't particular care about anyone in the book. I could feel some pity for various things, but they felt too flat to really feel an emotional pull. So trying to put aside things for the story became difficult with this one. One of the things that I really had trouble letting go of was the DNA issue with one of the inmates. There is just no way that wouldn't have come up earlier, particularly with mone [...]

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